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How to Stop Google Chrome Running in Android/ PC Background

You’d have discovered that after closing the Google Chrome browser, then it is operating at the background.

If you haven’t discovered yet, you can check Google Chrome is operating in the background and can start your Task Manager.

Most of the user may wonder when it have closed, why Chrome is running in the background. It is to boost the Chrome encounter.

It reserves the memory when Chrome is operating in the background and it won’t take much time to open, when you start the Chrome browser next time.

Chrome Still working after departing

After departing, Chrome is still running, it is because of the simple fact that an upgrade is needed by a number of the apps which you have installed.

You have undergone some notification keep popping up when you have closed the browser; like, Facebook telling, a lot more and Google hangout notification. These programs keep running even when you’ve closed the Chrome browser.

Why you have to prevent Google Chrome operating in the background?

Google Chrome operating in the background may effect the operation of your PC. It drain your battery life and will raise the memory usage.

If you faced any of these problem now or before, then Chrome should stop from running in the background.

You will need to choose whether you need to continue with notification and these upgrades or looking to shut down.

These actions will stop whenever you choose to disable Chrome.

Let us learn how to achieve that.

From running in the background, how can I prevent Chrome?

Measure 1: You have to open Google Chrome then click on top right corner (3 vertical dots) or media ALT + E.

Step 2: Next, click Settings. It will open Chrome Settings page.

Measure 3: Now, you have to scroll to the bottom and click on”Advanced”.

Step 4: Again, you need to scroll down to the”Program ” section after which toggle off”Proceed running background apps when Google Chrome is shut “. That is it.

Step 5: You want to restart the Chrome to find the modifications.

Measure 1: Visit Taskbar and click System Tray. It’ll show Shortcuts icons. Start Looking for Google Chrome icon.

Measure 2: Now, click on Google Chrome icon and then move your cursor into”Let Google Chrome run in the desktop “, click to uncheck it.

Measure 3: It’ll stop instantly the background process. You may cross check on Taskbar if it’s stopped.

Imagine if your mind has changed and like to run Chrome in the background.

For this, follow the procedure 1 and also in step 4 toggle ON”Continue running background programs when Google Chrome is closed”. That is it. It will start immediately.

Should you let Chrome operate in the background?

It will be helpful to have Chrome. When it is essential, the programs will be updated by it.

If you close the browser, if you’re processing something in the browser, then it won’t stop immediately.

Some programs keeps you updated with their telling that would be useful like email notification, Facebook notification and any Chat telling.

This new feature helps you to swiftly start your Chrome browser.

Final Words

You may find Google Chrome with lots of apps and extension. Some of those apps use background pages to work without the user knowledge.

These programs keeps running in the background when the Chrome browser have shut. When needed these programs send telling and alarms.

Hopethese tips has helped you to prevent Chrome . It will help you in saving Memory and CPU usage.

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