Top 5 Best free YouTube to mp3 converters in 2021

YouTube has more music than most sites, however you can’t hear it out outside of the YouTube application. At any rate, not without dispensing some money for YouTube Premium. Now and then, it’s simply more helpful to change over YouTube recordings to MP3 documents on the web.

Tragically, a large number of the free YouTube to mp3 converter that surface on Google look are crammed with nasty pop-ups. Some even expect you to download changing over programming, which isn’t ideal. In light of this converter plague, we’ve assembled a rundown of the five best YouTube to mp3 converters that are free, simple to utilize, and genuinely on the web—that is, they don’t expect you to use outside programming.

Here our are most loved attempted and tried converters for all your YouTube and MP3 needs.

Top 5 free YouTube to mp3 converters on the web


Instructions to utilize it: Paste your connection into the blue pursuit box, hit ‘convert,’ at that point hit ‘download.’ If another tab springs up, X out of it—and that is just about it. A couple of brief seconds after the fact, you’ll have your MP3 document.

2) GenYoutube

Why we like it: It gives you three unique approaches to change over YouTube recordings to MP3 documents, contingent upon what might be generally advantageous for you. In addition, it diagrams every strategy for changing over through clear, simple to-follow headings directly on the landing page.

The most effective method to utilize it: If you need to change over your video directly on the site, simply post the YouTube URL into the dark hunt box at the head of the page and snap on the organization you need to change over it to—for this situation, MP3. It’ll begin downloading quickly, and that is all you need to do.

You can likewise utilize GenYoutube directly from YouTube itself. Go to YouTube, click on the video you need to change over, and include ‘gen’ before in the video’s URL (making the initial segment of the URL You’ll see the URL change somewhat and the video show up inside the GenYoutube site.

Ultimately, GenYoutube gives you the alternative to download FireFox, Chrome, and Safari augmentations. On the off chance that you choose to forego online choices and use changing over programming yourself, this is certainly the best approach.

3) Y2mate

Why we like it: Like YTMP3, Y2mate is smoothed out and easy to utilize. It’s further down the rundown since it doesn’t change over certain super popular, confirmed recordings legitimately from its site. Be that as it may, the recordings Y2mate accomplishes work with get changed over amazingly rapidly.

The most effective method to utilize it: Paste your YouTube interface in the red pursuit box and it’ll change over the video quickly. Presto! Hit download and make the most of your mp3.


Why we like it: While FLVTO shares Y2mate’s constraints on confirmed recordings, it’s excessively simple to utilize. Likewise, the site configuration is entertaining.

Step by step instructions to utilize it: Paste your ideal YouTube interface into the orange hunt box and check the ‘acknowledge our Terms of Use’ box. At that point, click the red drop-down bolt and pick whichever arrangement you’d prefer to change over your video to. In conclusion, click ‘convert to,’ hit X on the spring up advertisement, and you’re good to go.


Why we like it: The site is instinctive to utilize and it changes over documents rapidly. In any case, CONVERTO has only one catch: It’ll once in a while open two irritating (yet innocuous) spam tabs.

The most effective method to utilize it: Paste your YouTube URL into the blue inquiry box and hit ‘convert.’ If an additional tab opens up, only X out of it. You’ll see that your video changed over to mp3 immediately, so ‘click here’ to begin downloading. Hit X on the spam tab again and your mp3 will get done with downloading in almost no time.

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